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September 7, 2022by wmwilson

The original Scorpion’s video of Wind of Change captured the falling of the Berlin Wall and the events surrounding it. This version by guitarist William Wilson, features the building up of a wall of a very different type. This wall was built to create a bike path around San Diego Bay and contribute beauty to the community. Four murals are featured with themes capturing both the Southern California region as well as contemporary movements. 

Art used by permission of the original artist

MrBbaby – “Picasso” Cubism
MrBbaby – Primitive Art

Chloe Becky “Wally” Expressionism

Guillermo “Memuco” Munro “The Warrior” Arte Mexicano

Drone Footage: Luca Hoang for Archangel Drones

Camera: Isaac Wilson “Blocktane”

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© 2021 William Wilson

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