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July 6, 2006by wmwilson

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Tango for One: Music for one guitar. “A small voice in the midst of the world’s noise,” as Andres Segovia once described it.

Tango for One: Tango meant to be listened to, not danced. This is the new Tango of Astor Piazzolla, the great Tango revolutionary and its most controversial figure.

Tango for One: The music of solitude. Reflecting the great fields of Argentina, the Pampas, this is the legacy of the lone gaucho. There is sadness, yet peace. There is emptiness, yet hope.

The beauty of Argentina is the mix of its people. A saying in Argentina describes the people as Italians who speak Spanish, think they are British, and wish they were French. Tango is of similar construction. It combines the great lyrical melodies of the Italians, the rhythmic intensity of the Spanish, and the lush harmonies of the French. Tango draws from the character of its people. Drama, Passion, Intensity… It can be heard in the music, and seen in the dance.

In Tango for One I wanted to show another picture of Tango and the music of Argentina. Not the showy manufactured passion of so much Tango, but rather a side not seen by most. Here there is desperation and loneliness. Beneath the glitter and fast movement of the dancers often there exists a soul that is in great longing for beauty and goodness; a soul that I saw in my childhood from my Argentine mother. It is this yearning that I have tried to capture.

Tango for One

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