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August 23, 2012by wmwilson

I never get tired of hearing Debussy’s Claire de Lune. I’ve heard it on piano, for violin, and on my son’s Baby Einstein movies! I still love it.  It’s a great piece, full of interesting harmonic changes and soaring melodies.

0:00 – The piece begins with the main theme, a flowing, wandering melody that slowly makes it’s way down the major scale.

0:50 – This is followed with a rhythmic section which alternates with dramatic bass notes.

1:23 – Next a stormy melody which begins a modulation to a distant key (the chromatic mediant for those of you keeping score!)

2:00 – The climax of the piece comes at the completion of the modulation. Listen for the highest note of the piece followed with a beautiful two octave descending scale.

2:05 – A return to the earlier “stormy melody,” this time in a mellower mood.

2:30 – Now a return to the original flowing melody. Starting to wind down.

3:20 – The coda, hints of the earlier modulation (the chromatic mediant) and a gentle ending on the tonic chord

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