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July 14, 2012by wmwilson
Andando Na Chuva – “Walking in the rain” was originally titled Jam No. 1 with Gerlando, as the first time I played it was with percussionist Gerlando Compilati at the SD Museum of Art. Happily it was renamed by guitarist / harmonica player Syd Logan, who thought it reminded him of a walk in a gentle rain in Rio. When you listen to the piece the main motif has a gentle descent which does sound a little like raindrops. Also at about 2 minutes into the piece you can hear chords being played by the vibes, which sounds a little like water dripping.
I borrowed the main chord progression from the end of Hey Jude, by the Beatles. The jam part at the end of Hey Jude has always been one of my favorites. My tune, Andando Na Chuva, is in Mixolydian mode which has a happy bluesy quality to it. The bridge briefly travels to the related minor, but circles back to G. Rhythmically Andando Na Chuva is a  Nuevo Flamenco tune. That part I didn’t get from the Beatles 🙂 Hope you like it!

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