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June 8, 2012by wmwilson

Recently, I sat down to write some new music; I was performing with percussionist Gerlando Compilati and wanted to have something new and fun to play. In just two short evenings I managed to write seven new tunes! They were inspired by many of my favorite artists. Here is a partial list:

1) Miles Davis – I am a huge fan of his Kind of Blue album. It’s a collection of “modal” tunes, where each tune explores a different mode. (Modes are different scales, like major and minor but with more variety.) In my collection each tune explores one of the seven modes of the major scale.

2) Astor Piazzolla – The last CD I recorded was a collection of Tango music by Astor Piazzolla (and some by Alberto Ginastera). Many of his rhythms are included on my new tunes.

3) Allan Phillips – San Diego Musician Allan Phillips produced the last CD my band recorded, Café Pacificó by the Peter Pupping Band. I “borrowed” a few rhythms from him as well.

The first tune I recorded is titled Santiago. It’s written in the Phrygian Mode (The Spanish Scale), but the rhythm was inspired by Piazzolla’s Libertango. You can listen to it below. I hope you enjoy it, please share it if you do!

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