May 4, 2012by wmwilson

No two versions of Malagueña are alike. What makes the piece so much fun is how every player puts their own stamp on it. The rhythm and the key melodies remain the same, but the introduction and other material are the guitarsits’ chance to shine. Although it was originally written for piano, it is now one of the most famous pieces for Spanish Guitar.

My own version of Malagueña contains some of the best loved techniques of the Spanish Guitar. Tremolo is a technique where the player repeats notes over and over so that it sounds like one single continuous sustained note. Listen for it at 1:08 and 2:08. Rasgeado is the way flamenco players strum the guitar. It has a strong pop to it that gives it an aggressive sound. Listen for it at 1:47 and 3:05. Also I make use of harmonics. Harmonics are a bell like sound that are produced by lightly touching the string in certain key spots. Listen for my use of harmonics at 1:55.

Please feel free to download my version of Malagueña for Spanish Guitar. I hope you enjoy it! Next up a beautiful Spanish Guitar piece, Romanza. Stay tuned!

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